Industrial Strength Machines for Your Toughest Stains

Find convenient washing services at Gorham Park Laundry

Whether your current machine is too small to wash your comforter or you want to save time by having our professional wash and fold your clothes, you’ll find convenience and quality at Gorham Park Laundry. Locally owned, we provide Billings’ residents with industrial strength machines for personal use as well as washing and folding services.

Gorham Park Laundry takes pride in being able to make your life a little more convenient through exceptional washing and folding services. You’ll only have to put your clothing away after we wash and fold your attire to your specifications.

We work hard to ensure all of our washers and dryers are kept clean so you don’t have to wonder if you put your clothes in a dirty machine. From gowns and bedspreads to mechanic and miner clothing, Gorham Park Laundry can handle it all!

In addition to our washing and folding services, as well as providing excellent machines for your own use, Gorham Park Laundry can also pick-up, wash and deliver your personal and/or corporate attire.

If you want to ensure your clothes are always fresh and clean, bring your duds to Gorham Park Laundry in Billings, MT.