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I absolutely hate laundry mats. I have never had to use one until I turned 20 when I got my own place. I have love in the heights but would drive across town to use this one again. It is a quant laundry mat with free wifi, with the biggest washers I have seen in town, and yes doing laundry is expensive at a mat, but this was equal to other mats if not betelter prices. It is homey and the people here are very welcoming and chatty. It's about the closest I could feel at home being at a laundry mat. I would come here again.

Carol Goswick

Google Business Review

Every time I come todo laundry everyone on staff is so friendly and wants to talk with me! Not only do I get a punch card that adds up to a FREE laundry machine use but the staff will put quarters in random people dryers to keep them going so their clothes don't get wrinkled or they will give me quarters for mine! The facility is ALWAYS clean and well kept and the machines are always kept clean and work wonderful. I remember the first time I had to use a laundry mat I was so nervous plus didn't know what to expect and I came here and I once tried another place and nothing compares. Love this place and everyone that works here.

Quincy Linhart

Google Business Review

Really nice people. Also they let me know what their cheapest wash was and the quick ones so i save time and money.

Kelli Carroll

Google Business Review

Great laundrymat.

Kathy Poulson

Google Business Review

Great people. Super friendly. Good price and they do a great job.

Bryan Rask

Google Business Review

Always positive and willing to provide good services

Timothy Fitzgerald

Google Business Review

Awesome little mom (?and pop? - dunno, have only seen the cute older woman) place that done me good cleaning my comforters. All at a very reasonable price and excellent turnaround time. Very friendly service, as well.

They Call Me L.

Laundromat Services | Boulder, CO

The washers and drys are alright. You can usually find a spot to throw your cloths in. It is hardly ever to busy. The best part about this place that separates it from the others is the great customer service. The manager showed up at 4am one morning to get my oil rig clothes washed so I could leave in the morning. They do a great job on greasers. If you are ever in a bind you can count on this place to get your laundry clean and, do a good job.

Paul G.

Laundromat Services | Boulder, CO

I had the best experience! Who the heck wants to spend time at a laundry mat! The waiting area was so comfortable! The employees that work there were so kind and friendly! We had the best time! We laughed so much! I actually had fun doing laundry! Time just flew by! I look forward to hanging out with them in the laundry room again!

Gina Geertz Harris

Facebook Review | April 19, 2017

Great place to do laundry!!;-)

Estolia Isavel-marie Resendiz

Facebook Review