1. Do you dry Clean?

YES! We will take your dry cleaning to a professional dry cleaner that works with us. Although we do not dry clean in house, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

2. Can you iron this?

YES! We will take your button down shirts and other fancy attire to a professional to assure you are looking your best. We do not iron in house, but are happy to accommodate this need.

3. Can you fix my…?

YES! Bring us your laundry that may need hemming, alterations, button replacement and more. We will be happy to take these items to a professional and ensure that your alterations are complete. We do not alter clothing in house but are happy to provide this service to make sure you clothing fits perfectly.

4. What is Wash, Dry, Fold?

Wash, Dry, Fold is a service that we provide in which we stain treat and sort your clothing, wash it, and fold it to your specifications, then return it to you ready to put back in your drawer or hang in your closet.

5. What if I leave something in my pocket?

At Gorham Park Laundry we hold ourselves and our staff to a high standard of ethics. It is our policy to check all pockets and any personal items found will be returned in a sealed envelope.

6. Can you get this stain out?

YES! We have special highly-concentrated stain removal solutions. Each member of our staff is highly trained in stain removal techniques and we take pride in our ability to get rid of most stains. Unfortunately, We cannot guarantee that we can get every one of your stains out but we will do our best.

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